This podcast isn’t about the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and all that stuff but I’m sure you’ll love, and get much pleasure out of this beauty of a performance from the “’71 Hakone Aphrodite” festival held in Japan, 6th and 7th of August 1971.  That turned out to be quite a run-on sentence, huh?  The Floyd performed both nights but this podcast is of their first night in the land of the rising sun.  There are several sources/recordings from that evening but  all are flawed.  This, is now the only complete document I know of from Hakone, Japan, 6. August, 1971. Here’s the playlistEnjoy!  …and please comment below and/or donate.

8 thoughts on “Aphrodite

  1. Thanks Doctor Floyd Dude. Your hard work editing this is very much appreciated (once again) Appreciated so much…that I’m gonna throw you a donation bone (small, but still at least something outa my fixed income) I urge all appreciative listeners to do the same. Thanks Again !!!

      • You’re welcome! – Wish I could have donated more. Wish you were here to collect. Shine on you crazy Doctor !!! 😉 In the meantime, I’m going in my backyard to listen to several species of small furry animals gathered together & groovin with a pic. I’ll let you know how that comes out. Peace brutha Floyd Doc.

  2. Different lyrics to the first verse of ‘Echoes’, I could not make out what they were 1st time but will try again. This public performance of ‘Echoes’ was done just after the album ‘Meddle’ was supposedly finished being recorded, but four months before it was released. It is still a surprise to me that your podcasts sound much better, Doc, without knowing what is on the playlist. I let my ears just receive the vibrations, like the cover of ‘Meddle’.

  3. My respect sir, that was awesome. Your work may seem unappreciated sometimes , it’s not, believe me .

    I’m turning Japanese…………

  4. Well f*ck me, what a setlist! That must be the ultimate show and probably many of the attendees had no idea what they were being blessed with at the time.

    I have always thought of AHM as sort of a prequel to Echoes, that you could hear the embryo, if you like, to the latter one in the earlier epic. In this context I am strengthened in that view and the more I listen to the two tracks, the more I tend to value AHM as the superior work.

    Thank you Doctor, you give us [meaning me] so much of Floyd that I myself do not have the time or the skill to find out for myself. One might think one knows a lot about our favourite band but you always come up with something that broadens the perspective and opens up new doors.

    Worth every single donated penny!

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