Another Demo

Show #79 Release date: 2. March, 2007

Here is something I’ve wanted to get to for a real long time.  The Final Cut demos.

This is most likely from a production demo reel that somehow got leaked.  This particular recording came from a high generation cassette tape out of Argentina about twenty years ago.  You can imagine how poor the sound quality will be.  Fortunately with today’s technology I was able to fix it up some as best I could.

3 thoughts on “Another Demo

  1. …this demo is amazing!..

    …i’m dumbfounded by how similar it sounds to the finished album: it seems more like a rough production master rather than a raw “demo”?..the arrangement and edits both are damned close to the final production…

    • The mix is quite different than the final release. It’s clearly still in development. Many “demos” get made for eaxh phase of the mixing process. But yeah… it sounds like a late mixdown session…demo. 🙂

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