Here’s a podcast I’ve been kicking around for years.  I have no idea why it took me this long to get around to doing it but glad I did. If you want to know what Pink Floyd songs mention an animal, you’ve come to the right place.  This podcast consists of several species of mammals.  Its like a zoo!  Here’s a list of lyrics that mention an animal to figure out the songs!  Or you can check the playlist here!

Enjoy!  And if you do, please don’t forget to donate via Paypal.  I’m still a few hundred dollars shy from securing music licensing that’s due at the end of the year.  Thank you!

20 thoughts on “Animals

  1. Le lien sur le show de PF au Stade olympique de 1977 est superbe. J’espère qu’il n’est pas un faux, un fake…

  2. hey doc awesome that you can get to Europe to see nick mason,,I’m seeing him in Toronto!!!..4th row!! freakin out!…and I have been meaning to give so merry xmas soon

  3. Thank you for another great show, Doc!

    One (very) little thing, though… Change “Its like a zoo!” to “It’s like a zoo!” and you’ll make your English teacher happy 😉 Sorry, one of my pet peeves. (Yes, I’m an English teacher myself.)

    Best greetings from Poznań, Poland.

  4. THANK YOU, dear Doctor! This is one of your best podcasts!! But unfortunately you forgot about Cat Cruise, Yet Another Movie and Wearing the Inside Out 😉

    • You’re right about a Cat Cruise and Yet Another Movie!! Nice catch! Wearing The Inside Out is a bit of a stretch though. It’s more metaphorical so I decided not to include that one.

      • Yes, Doc, you’re right about Wearing the Inside Out 😉 Now I thought that it would be possible to use Ebb and Flow with whales (?) in the final…

      • BTW, I listened that Animals 8-track in the 1981 Buick Skylark my parents let me drive in high school (graduated 1987). I didn’t appreciate that Snowy White bridge until much later when I heard it again on the Total Eclipse ROIO collection in the late 90s! Great stuff!

  5. Thankyou Matt! Just another masterpiece. You never fail us ,in such beautiful,podcasts. Just have to say thankyou.
    It was a great to hear rogers love version of “2 suns in the sunset”, “Rat” by std Barrett, and always a pleasure hearing the slowed down version of ” a small species of animals, in a cave, grooving with a pict” so creepy sounding. So,many great songs on this podcast!!!!!!
    As far as a donation, I’ll try to get something to you by Christmas. It’s been hard ,but getting better.
    Thankyou for every podcast that you do and our friendship over the years. Cheers my brother.

  6. I’m only 45 minutes in but I do believe you outdid yourself this time, Doc! Absloutely brilliant and you did sneak in som feathers there as well!

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