Animals aux Abattoirs

paris77We are long overdue for a gig from The Animals Tour (as it was called in Europe).  This excellent recording is from the last of four consecutive nights from a rather fitting location that used to be a slaughterhouse.  Pavillon De Paris, 25th Febuary, 1977.  Another Harvested gem!  Here’s the playlist and here’s a ticket scan.


15 thoughts on “Animals aux Abattoirs

  1. I find the 1977 live versions of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 6-9)” to be vastly more amazing than the studio recording or any live version since.
    Mainly because of the variation of Richard’s piano solo, which is haunting beyond belief. On top of that the Snowy/Gilmour guitar duels are cut like knives. I can’t think of any recording that has so much live mojo! Has anyone ever covered the 77 version of the song?

  2. Really great – one of the best you have posted from this period. I saw PF at Madison Square Garden July, 1977 and this brought back great memories of the live versions of all of Animals from that era.

  3. Yet another great show. Man, I was way to young when this happened, but listening to this seems to be the second best thing. They were on fire! Davids solos were amazing!

    One thing I wondered, hearing the audience chatter during “Dogs”: Do people generally keep yapping during the shows or did they just take the opportunity as the music quieted down a bit?

  4. Wow, great show Doc. The Floyd are smokin here! Makes me really with they had some professionally recorded shows from the Animals Tour.

  5. thx again doc..lovin this shit..i have a q now…when i was a kid i had WYWH on 8 track…at the beginning of that song during the cough..on the 8 track i swear i heard a stool DG was getting comfy on it or something..anyone?

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