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BDliveThis is a reconstruction of the 200th Brain Damage episode that aired LIVE over the web last week on 30 June, 2013.  Since my two back up recordings failed the original show was lost in cyberspace forever.  Some people didn’t get to hear it so I decided to recreate it as closely as I could with one slight change to the original playlist.  Enjoy and if you do please donate!  Thank you!

6 thoughts on “All Request “LIVE”

  1. Wow Doc, love this podcast. I wish I was available to hear it live but no go. Love that version of High Hopes! Actually all of the podcast is great. Thanks for all you do, and congratulations on 200!! When I first discovered your site I went back through all the old podcasts and listened to them — it provided months of listening enjoyment at work. Maybe I should do it again. Thanks again Doc.

  2. Beautiful. Moving. Perfect Pink Floyd! Sorry I missed the live-cast – family commitments had to come first that day.

  3. just finished listening to the new podacast and what a podcast it was. doc i always love hearing any version of this song…..”Obscured by Clouds/When you’re In ” gives me chills all of the time! Doc, also “one slip ” waas very cool. i dont think that i ever heard this version. last thing though, are there any live versions or concerts of david gilmour’s, first album, floating out there? did he ever tour that concert? What songs did he play? when he did tour, his second solo album ,he did play a verion of “there is no way out of here” .which blows my mind to this day.
    Man ,alot of great memories with this podcast. listening to floyd, david gilmours solo albums, and roger waters solos, in the 1980’s was just soooooo damn awesome fior me! just a big memorable time in my life and in my teens.what could have been better? lol! . doc you brought these memories to me again , on this podcast. just awesome! i just cant wait, cant wait, for the podcast that you are working on now, with roger waters.
    thankyou ever sooooo much for what you do. Doc you went a long way since your first podcast and i just have to say… CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 200th!!! it means alot! i loved every song! i want to see # 500,down the road! all the very best!!!!
    , kenny

  4. wow matt excellent! i wish i wasnt working that day! cant wait to here this. thankyou again , for this new podcast. dont forget , sometime in oct (donation) hoopefully the same as last year. ill see how it goes. just enough to buy a couple of new pink floyd zippo’s for the beginning of the show. lol lol

  5. Hi Doc,
    Sorry to learn you lost two backups…computers are amazing.
    But 200 Podcasts, what a great achievment. I know that I have listened to ALL 200.
    Thank you for your continued efforts in bringing us more and more great Floyd music.
    Thank You!!!
    Mike S

  6. wow, killer setlist! only the best
    would have listened, if I was at home that day… so surely gonna listen to this cast

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