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Note: the first 38 episodes were terrestrial radio shows and weren’t recorded.

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  1. Hey Doc! Thanks for providing us with oh so many enjoyable moments! It is always a great susprise to find what have you prepared for your podcast.
    I was wondering if you have doctored the Oakland 1977 recording from the In The Flesh tour. I have the Animals Instints bootleg but, although it sound great, it lacks a little power in the sound, maybe some bass? I kinda prefer the sound from the Montreal concert, it is rough but the atmosphere is sure felt.

  2. Dear Mr Doc, it’s a pitty that the first 38 episodes weren’t recorded, because I’ve found a playlist of these broadcasted shows. Very interesting! So long from Hannover! Hoffmann

  3. hey you got a super cool site here , just wondered if you have any recordings of Pink Floyd shows from augest 12 , 13 , and 14 1988 ritchfield Coliseum , in ritchfied ohio , what I hear those shows were awesome , take care and think pink -John

  4. Hi Doc! I checked the Wiki and found out that Pink Floyd did “Echoes” during the early Lapse of Reason Tour where the vocal harmonies were swapped to have Wright singing Gilmour’s original lower part and Gilmour singing Wright’s original high parts. The band dropped it after eleven shows, as they were not happy with the performances. I wonder if you have one of those shows. Thanks!

  5. Doc

    Been with you a long time and love all of your work. Everyone is on me about listening to 432 hz music because its the healing frequency of the Universe. I have seen some youtube Floyd Mixes in this vein and would love to know if you have a show done to this theme. Thanks for all the great themed podcasts!!

  6. Hey Doc. You used to have a show that was themed ‘Floyd concert fuck ups’ or something like that. There was a 1969 or 70 poer outage in San Rafael Ca and a cut from Montreaux where One of their instruments blew and David went off on a long blues riff to cover. I was wondering if it is listed above but under a different name. It’s a great episode. I’d love to listen to it again.


  7. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this. Just found it and its a breath of fresh air. I love the English Summer cast most so far. Great work 🙂

  8. You are definitely, what the Doctor has order. To be able to hear The Classic vault of Pink Floyd anytime you want.

  9. Hey Doc, any plans to be available through itunes? Curious why you are not there, as it is technically easier to import all of your podcasts from itunes. I just listened to the newest, brings back lots of memories. Peace.

  10. I like very much your site which I visit regularly. I am a big fan of Pink Floyd and Roger Waters.

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