By now, hopefully you got The Later Years boxset!  It’s fantastic but since the announcement of its release, it was clear there were some glaring omissions. For this edition of Brain Damage I give you, what I think, should’ve been included. This podcast will make a nice companion.  Here’s the playlist!

19 thoughts on “Addendum

  1. Listening to this again. What the fuck is the rationale to strip the solos out? Is it so the musicians don’t have to get a cut? WTF? I would hope the band didn’t make that call…

  2. It would be fantastic if you could get the bootlegged bootleg from Oslo that night. Especially the CNumb with a particularly long and wild end solo part!!!
    Kind regards
    Jon S. Amundsen (was there.. the first of two nights: 29th of Sept 1994. )

  3. Hey I have a question that you once answered. In an email on Dec 11 2013 I asked if you would include One Slip from Montreal:Day 3 (1987). If I remember, you did, but for the life of me I cannot find the download you put it in. Help! Anyone here a Doctor!?

    New year’s resolution that I, and the rest of you should have: donate to Matt the DR for his years of loyal service to our favorite band.

  4. The service you provide the Floyd community cannot be praised highly enough! This is what many posters on the forums have been asking for and although this version of Money is the only one where I am tempted to skip the middle part, I agree with you that one should be able to choose.

    Let me wish you great new year , looking forward to what you will put out in 2020. A december donation is on its way to you. Cheers!

  5. Why has nobody mentioned – the very tacky move of using the same vocal twice. The On the Turning Away DSOT vocal track has been pasted onto the studio version on the “new” MLOR album. Just Eq’d differently. Disappointing and unFloydly.

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