A Two-fer One

Show #49, Release date: 20. January, 2006

This podcast is split into two parts. Part one, by Request, The Man & The Journey recorded by Dutch radio VPRO at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam on 17. September 1969. Its a complete un-edited 80 minute show. Part two, also by request is The Doctored “remix” of Dark Side of The Moon v2.0.

Pink Floyd Management has respectfully asked that I remove The Man And The Journey from this site.

16 thoughts on “A Two-fer One

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  2. Pity couldn’t hear this ‘doctored’: of course, it’s already ‘out there’ to otherwuse, um, ‘access’, but with all the latest ‘crumbs from da table’, I wonder/hope: might this have been a takedown request possibly/hopefully connected to preceding a possible official release sometime soon? (Well, at laest ahead of some of us ‘senior’ Floydfans get too close to their own great gig in the sky appointmemt … (just ‘thought you’d like 2know’!)

  3. I too would love to obtain a copy of the doctored Dark Side Of The Moon. Is there any way this is possible? In any event, thanks sincerely for the fantastic podcasts

  4. Nice podcast, man. And providing CD art printouts…nice touch! I was wondering, could you post a podcast with the full Rainbow Theatre DSOTM show, as well as the full version of the solo piano track you used in the remix of Us And Them? Where’d you get that? And the extended “last words”…you are one lucky guy to have that, I don’t doubt. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Doctor, I just got done with a “doctored” version of The Wall. I decided to simply call it The Wall 2.0. I’m a tad bit limited in my sound engineering equipment at my house, but it still came out sounding decent. Let me know (via e-mail or comment) if you’d like me to send it to you somehow. I’m sure you’ll like it.

  6. Yes, yes, yes! I read about this performance and looked very forward until someone would finally post it. And then I found it right here. This is excellent. I\’ll be downloading in a second! Shine on! P.S. Bookmark, bookmark, bookmark!!!

  7. That was seriously awesome!! I never really appreciated the musical greatness of “Us And Them”, but that version on the mix adds so much power and emotion to it. And for that, I commend you, because it’s fast becoming my favourite songs from Ol’ Pink! But, can I recommend you do a Doctored version of “The Wall”, if, of course, you have the time and energy to do so. I mean, think about all the material from the film you could add in, and “The Wall Live” will bring up loads of extra stuff for you to put into it. Just a suggestion to you!! And another, how about “Animals” as well, seeing as you could put in the original “Raving and Drooling” and others into the mix, just so people can hear that along with others from the album . . . But of course, it’s all about having time and all to get around to do so! But thanks for Dark Side Doctored anyway! It was amazing to say the least

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