A Fleeting Glimpse

Show #116 Release date: 23. August, 2008

I almost decided to call the show “Denver matrix”.  Instead this podcast gets its title from the forum on Col Turner’s website pinkfloydz.com.

A very large group of great people from the forum came out to Denver to meet up and enjoy Roger Waters at the Pepsi Center.  I was very fortunate to be amongst them.  It was a time to be had.

Finally, a Denver recording has become available.    Not one, but two different sources popped up, so I decided to kick it up a notch and make a matrix of the two.  The result is impressive.  I’ve been eagerly waiting to share this moment with you.  Enjoy!

The image was taken with my iPhone from the second row.

2 thoughts on “A Fleeting Glimpse

  1. Matt you cut out doctor doctor doctor from your iconic, signature doctor intro…. I got on your ass about that. It ruins your podcast cause some dumbass bitched about your intro for being 6 seconds too long… fuck them !!!!!!!!!
    It still pisses me off years later as I listen again. And again. It’s 2019.
    I’ll just listen to your awesome intro over and over. Sorry I needed to bitch again. It just fucks up the set up for the show. Plus you didn’t spark up and introduce your drank! Lol ok this was 2008… I’m harsh but damnit man you got an intro that your hardcore longtime listeners expect! Don’t
    Fuck that up! Ever again! If you ever get this let me know. I like be appreciated for donating and offering my opinion. I know we all have one. Lol! Love ya man!

    • Haha, Sorry Wayne. I’ll try better next time. I do appreciate you and all my listeners. Maybe if you donate again a little bit more, I’ll give you the long intro so you can play it as often as you wish.

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